hahaha oh my gawd staaahp


A: Hey … ich weiß nicht, ob du dich noch an mich erinnern kannst, aber ich habe gerade einen Artikel über dich gelesen. Wollte dir zu deinem Durchbruch gratulieren.

B: Hey … good to hear from you again. Sorry mein Deutsch is not the best anymore, aber ich weiß wer du bist. Du bist mein Freund from Kindergarten.

A: Yeah exactly! I’m sorry that I just wrote you out of the blue after not seeing your face for over 10 years. I’m just glad you’re doing well!

B: I would’ve never believed to ever be in this situation and I’m reaaaally grateful for it. Anyway, how’re you doing?

A: I’m good, still in school and not performing on broadway, but still good.

B: hahaha oh my gawd staaahp, just pure luck and coincidence. ^^

A: Congrats anyways!

B: thx <3

A: By the way, how’s your dad doing? The last time I saw him, he looked quite thin.

B: … he passed away two years ago. Chemo wasn’t working anymore and decided to stop undergoing any kind of treatment.

A: I’m sorry, I didn’t know that … L

B: Don’t be. He made sure to collect the most precious memories and give me all of his energy to push me to follow my dreams. He showed me that life couldn’t be fallen for granted and that you can always start NOW.

A: WOW he sure is a great dad! J If there is anything I can do for you, hit me up

B: Well well, how about you coming to the premiere? It’s about time to catch up the last ten years <3